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Essential Packing for a trip to Skye


You have booked your holiday in Skye! Now grab your suitcase, and start packing!

Be prepared for every eventuality….read our suggestions on what to bring with you.



Skye weather can be four seasons in one day. Be prepared for rain at some point! It’s not being pessimistic to pack one decent rainproof jacket that will see you through those cloudier moments! And when the rain stops, make sure you have your camera ready for those rainbows!



Skye can live up to its name as the Misty Isle. The weather can be changeable – whatever the time of year! One minute it can be raining, and the next minute gorgeous sunshine! It can be sunny on one side of the island, and blowing a hoolie on the other side. Given the unpredictability of the local weather, the best way to pack for a trip to Skye is to think layers. Bring along at least one warm jumper or fleece, but also pop in some T shirts!


A pair of jeans will see you through more days on Skye than a skirt (unless it’s a kilt!) Better still, pack a pair of waterproof trousers!


This is going to sound a little obvious, but make sure you bring enough undies and socks! There is hardly anywhere to buy basics like this on the island. So unless you want to spend a day trip to Inverness looking for some new pants and socks, make sure you pack your own!


A pair of sensible waterproof shoes suitable for walking on all kinds of terrain are the best option. Walking boots are ideal. That way, you can confidently stride over uneven ground, rocks and streams and not end up with wet feet and a sprained ankle! If there is room in the car to chuck in a pair of wellies – bring those too! But save the flip flops for your next beach trip.

Planning a walk? Pick up an Ordnance Survey map or one of the many books which offer details about walks here in Skye and Lochalsh. You can get these when you are here – try the Visitor Centre in Portree or the local post office.



Some people favour a tilly hat others a warm fleece-lined beanie. Either way, a hat is a great essential for your time here in the Highlands. A hat will save you from getting ‘drooked’ (a great Scottish word meaning drenched or soaking wet).  It will also save your ears from the piglet effect of ‘streaming in the wind’.

Trust us, a hat is going to be far more practical than an umbrella. In a Skye breeze, an umbrella will last about five minutes. Tops.


More of a winter essential, but a pair of gloves are definitely a good idea to keep your digits warm and snug


If you are visiting during the summer months( especially June- Aug) bring along some reliable midge repellent. Several of us swear by Avon SkinSoSoft or Smidge but there are several options on the market. If you do get bitten whilst you are here, pop along to the chemist in Portree for some simple over-the-counter cream or anti-histamine tablets.


Some holiday cottages will usually offer a starter pack of essentials (such as washing up liquid, dishwasher tablets, loo rolls, kitchen rolls and firewood/firelighters) However, you will need to shop for more of these during your stay along with milk, tea/coffee, food etc.  The Co-op Supermarkets (in Kyle of Lochalsh, Broadford and Portree) all stock a good selection of foodstuffsand other life essentials. There are also smaller local shops in some of the villages on the island including Dunvegan, Staffin, Glendale and Armadale. As well as on the mainland at Kyle of Lochalsh and Plockton.

TIP Check the cottage details to see whether or not there is a separate freezer before you stock up – some cottages don’t have oodles of freezer space for all those pizzas and ice-cream!